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Full name: Associate – Data Protection and Management
Version 2.0
Code Name: DEA-3TT2
Category: EMC
Certification: DCA-DPM
Certification requirements: Pass the DEA-3TT2 Data Protection and Management Version 2 Exam
You will get:
• Specialist – Technology Architect, Data Protection Version 1.0
• Specialist – Systems Administrator, Avamar Version 9.0
• Specialist – Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD Version 3.0
• Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Avamar Version 9.0
• Specialist – Implementation Engineer, PowerProtect DD Version 3.0
• Specialist – Implementation Engineer, NetWorker Version 8.0

DEA-3TT2 test time is 90 minutes~ There will be 60 questions, and the passing score will be 60.

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Which are the primary software methods for Data Security Governance?

A. masking, de-identification, and NER
B. masking, classification, and PCRE
C. classification, discovery, and incident management
D. classification, discovery, and de-identification

Correct Answer: D

A consumer performs backup at its on-premise data center for operational recovery. The consumer wants disaster recovery (DR) protection for their data, but they do not want to own and manage a remote site for DR. Which paid backup service is most appropriate for this consumer?

A. Local backup
B. Remote backup
C. Cloud-to-cloud backup
D. Replicated backup

Correct Answer: D

What is the process of identifying and moving inactive data from primary storage systems to lower-cost storage systems for long-term retention?

A. Data archiving
B. Replication
C. Business continuity
D. Data locality

Correct Answer: A

Which data migration involves migrating data at the file level using intermediary compute systems?

A. Host-based migration
B. NAS-based migration
C. SAN-based migration
D. Application migration

Correct Answer: A

Which component of SDDC generates the billing report based on price per unit and number of units consumed for a service?

A. Orchestrator
B. Directory Services
C. Self Service Portal
D. SDDC Controller

Correct Answer: C

An application developer is exploring the best technology to have the application easily transportable and have a small image footprint. Which technology satisfies the request?

A. Containers
B. Traditional application
C. Virtual machines
D. Monolithic application

Correct Answer: A

An administrator is configuring Dell EMC RecoverPoint. Which Dell EMC storage system can be used without a write splitter installed?

A. Unity
B. XtremIO
D. PowerMax

Correct Answer: A

Which key metric should be used when updating the corporate disaster recovery plan to minimize data loss?


Correct Answer: C

Which plane of SDDC is used to perform administrative operations such as configuring a system and changing policies?

A. Management Plane
B. Service Plane
C. Control Pane
D. Data Plane

Correct Answer: C

What are the key functions of data management?

A. detection and orchestration management
B. discovery and operations management
C. configuration and detection management
D. rollout and configuration management

Correct Answer: B


What is the correct sequence of actions during a DDBoost backup?

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

A full backup of a production volume is created on Sunday, and incremental backups are created for the rest of the week. What are the contents of the backup on Thursday?

A. all the data on the production volume
B. all the data that has changed since Wednesday
C. all the data that has changed since Sunday
D. all the data that has changed since Monday

Correct Answer: C

A backup administrator has defined a backup policy where full backups are scheduled at 8 PM every Saturday and differential backups for the rest of the week at the same time. A data loss happened on Friday at 11 AM. How many backup copies are required to restore the requested files?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 6
D. 7

Correct Answer: A

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