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Updated Oracle 1Z0-1073-22 Exam Dumps PDF 2023

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New 1Z0-1073-22 Exam Questions Free | 2023

Q1 – New Questions 1

Which three statements about the project-specific picking process are correct? (Choose three.)

A. Shipment lines with project tasks can be created in shipping organizations not enabled for projects.
B. Picks can be searched by project and task number.
C. Pick release of movement request allocates common inventory prior to project-specific inventory.
D. Picks with the same project and task can be grouped into single pick slips.

Correct Answer: BCD

Q2 – New Questions 2

Which two statements are true in regard to using the EnterpriseStructures Configurator?

A. The guided interview-based process helps you set up the enterprise with best practices.
B. It recommends job and position structures.
C. It creates a chart of accounts.
D. It allows you to create your Enterprise, Business Units, and Warehouses in a single step.
E. You cannot modify the recommendation from the tool. You must do it after you perform the initial configuration.

Correct Answer: AD

Q3 – New Questions 3

Which attribute value allows the usage of common inventory for project-specific demand?

A. Allow use of common supplies: No andHard Pegging Level: Project Group
B. Allow use of common supplies: Null and Hard Pegging Level: Project Group
C. Allow use of common supplies: No and Hard Pegging Level: Project and Task
D. Allow use of common supplies: Null and Hard Pegging Level: None

Correct Answer: D

Q4 – New Questions 4

On the Supply Lines Overview page, the deviations in the supply type chart show a supply line status of exception. What action must you take?

A. This indicates that supply line quantities are available but the quality is not up to the mark, so the quality issue must
be resolved.
B. This indicates that supply line quantities are not available, so inventory must be procured.
C. This indicates that supply line quantities are less than required, so additional quantities must be procured to meet the requirement.
D. This indicates that the supply line has an exception in manufacturing goods, so the supply line must be changed.

Correct Answer: C

Q5 – New Questions 5

Your company has established inventory balance integration with the 3PL system. Which option cannot be achieved out of the box using this integration?

A. Compare and automatically report inventory mismatches.
B. Purge inventory balance messages periodically.
C. Resolve processing exceptions.
D. Import inventory balance message in bulk.

Correct Answer: A

Q6 – New Questions 6

Your company is an automobile spares manufacturing organization, which follows a discrete process. It has its own manufacturing and distribution centers located globally. It has these business units:

US – USA business unit CAN – Canadian business unit UK – UK business unit MX – Mexican business unit IND – India business unit SPA – Spain
business unit FRA – France business unit NL – Netherlands business unit GER – Germany business unit

These are the inventory organizations that exist in each business unit: Inventory Org – business unit
GM (Master Org) – US US1 (Child Org) – US US2 (Child Org) – US CA1 (Child Org) – CAN MX1 (Child Org) – MX IN1 (Child Org) – IND SP1 (Child Org) – SPA FR1 (Child Org) – FRA NL1 (Child Org) – NL DE1 (Child Org) – GER

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Items defined in the GM organization can be assigned to US1, US2, NL1, and MX1 inventory organizations.
B. You can define an item in the IN1 inventory organization and assign it to the DE1 inventory organization.
C. Item organizations are also supported to serve as inventory organizations.
D. Operational Attributes can be controlled only at the Master Level.
E. All inventory organizations do not need to be in the same business unit to assign items.
F. Items cannot be assigned to inventory organizations across business units.

Correct Answer: AE

Q7 – New Questions 7

You are currently implementing Oracle Cloud for the Singapore entity of your multinational customer. Their head office is located in Japan. Apart from Singapore, their other entities are using a legacy system.

Their requirement is to implement Oracle Cloud in such a way that at the end of the financial year, all their financial reporting should be in Japanese Yen. How will you fulfill the above requirement?

A. Define one primary ledger with SGD (Singapore Dollars) as the primary currency and use the reporting currency functionality to provide the necessary data in the Japanese Yen currency.
B. Define two ledgers one in SGD (Singapore Dollars) and one in Japanese Yen and transfer data of all the sub-ledgers in these two primary ledgers.
C. Define one primary ledger with Japanese Yen currency so that all the sub-ledger data gets converted to Japanese Yen automatically.
D. This requirement cannot be fulfilled.

Correct Answer: A

Q8 – New Questions 8

Your customer has received 50 boxes of item A (priced at $10 per box) and these items are transferred to the asset Inventory organization. There are no additional quantities in any of the inventory organizations apart from the received 50 boxes. After running all the necessary cost accounting and organizations apart from the received 50 boxes.

After running all the necessary cost accounting and receipt accounting processes successfully, the item validation for item A is still zero. What is the reason?

A. Items are consigned and ownership is transferred to “owned”.
B. Items are consigned items and ownership lies with the supplier.
C. Items are not consigned items but ownership is still with the supplier.
D. Items are not consigned items and ownership is with the organization.

Correct Answer: B

Q9 – New Questions 9

Which statement is false about generating an Internal Material Transfer for an expense destination Transfer Order?

A. Cost Management will pick up the delivery transaction directly from Receiving and process the expense accounting from that transaction.
B. Cost for Lot and serial numbers are tracked at put away time when the items are recorded in a destination inventory location.
C. Expense destination transfers are expensed upon delivery hitting an expense account instead of an inventory asset account as would be the case for inventory destination transfers.
D. If the receipt is required, then an accounting of the receipt delivery transaction will happen only in Receipt Accounting because there will not be a delivery transaction in inventory.
E. If the receipt is not required, Cost Accounting will pick up both the issue and receipt activity from the single inventory transaction “Transfer Order Issue”.

Correct Answer: B

Q10 – New Questions 10

Which three things are true about running the Min-Max Report? (Choose three.)

A. The system calculates demand quantity by using information from existing sales orders, transfer orders, work orders, and movement requests.
B. You can run the report by item category.
C. The Min-Max Replenishment ignores Item Processing Lead-time on Transfer orders.
D. You can run the report or both Organizations and Subinventory Planning Levels simultaneously.
E. You can suppress replenishment movement request when the source subinventory has zero items on-hand quantity.

Correct Answer: BDE

Q11 – New Questions 11

An inventory transaction is imported to the system through an FBDI template. Which transaction state denotes that an inventory transaction is created in the Oracle Cloud Inventory Management

A. Validated
B. Created
C. Deferred
D. New
E. Staged

Correct Answer: A

Q12 – New Questions 12

Your client wants certain inventory items of high importance to be counted periodically to improve the average level of inventory accuracy. What type of counting would you recommend?

A. Serialized Count
B. ManualCount
C. Cycle Count
D. Zero Quantity Count
E. Blind Count

Correct Answer: C

Q13 – New Questions 13

Your client has just set up their chart of accounts. They are now designing the organization hierarchy in the system. Which three structures should the customer use to do this?

A. Warehouse, Subinventory, and Locators
B. Divisions, Business Units, and Departments
C. Cost type, Default Cost Structure, and Item Organization D. Cost Centers, Organizations, and Locations

Correct Answer: B

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