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300-101 dumps
Following Cisco 300-101 Dumps 570QAs are all new published by Pass4itsure:
Which option is one way to mitigate symmetric routing on an active/active firewall setup for TCP-based connections?
A. performing packet captures
B. disabling asr-group commands on interfaces that are likely to receive asymetric traffic
C. replacing them with redundant routers and allowing load balancing
D. disabling stateful TCP checks
300-101 exam 
Correct Answer: D
Which is the asymmetric Rotuing?
A. active/active firewall
B. active/passive firwall
C. single path
D. using VRRP
Correct Answer: A
Which two reason for IP SLA tracking failure are likely true (choose two)
A. The source-interface is configured incorrectly
B. The destination must be for icmp-echo
C. A route back to the R1 LAN network is missing in R2
D. The default routehas wrong next hop IP address
E. The threshold value is wrong
300-101 dumps 
Correct Answer: AC
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
Place the BGP commands to the proper locations
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps

In SAP ERP, you can manage all product and project related data using SAP Product Lifecycle Management.Which of the following SAP Product Lifecycle Management components provides the integration of external files into SAP ERP?
A. Product Structure Browser
B. Engineering Change Management
C. Document Management
D. Variant Configuration Management
300-101 vce 
Answer: C
In SAP ERP Management Accounting, specific organizational levels can be defined for the various components.Which SAP ERP Management Accounting component requires an operating
A. Profit Center Accounting
B. Profitability Analysis
C. Product Cost Accounting
D. Overhead Cost Controlling
Answer: B

In SAP ERP Management Accounting, your organization is using Cost Center Accounting. You are
in the process of defining cost centers. Which of the following fields are required to create a cost center, in SAP ERP Cost Center Accounting?(Choose three)
A. User responsible
B. Hierarchy area
C. Company code
D. Person responsible
E. Description
300-101 exam 
Answer: B,C,D
Goods issue transactions posted in SAP ERP Materials Management can be assigned to a CO
object. This type of transaction is called material consumption. When a goods issue is entered, which Management Accounting master data is used to record the consumption posting?
A. G/L account
B. Activity type
C. Secondary cost element
D. Primary cost element
Answer: D
Your organization is implementing SAP ERP Material Planning. Your team is creating bills of material (BOM). You explain to your team that the bill of material contains the assemblies or
components which are to be included in the production of a material.Which of the following correctly describe the features of bills of material?(Choose two)
A. Bills of material are created and maintained as multilevel bills.
B. The base quantity, in the BOM header, specifies the amount of the finished product that the item quantities refer to.
C. All components listed in the BOM line items require a material master record.
D. BOM usage determines the business applications for which a BOM can be used.
300-101 dumps 
Answer: B,D
You are explaining SAP ERP Material Planning to your colleagues. They are interested in learning
about the functions of material requirements planning (MRP). Which of the following statements correctly describe the features of MRP?(Choose two)
A. MRP can be run at the plant level.
B. MRP will first use forward scheduling to calculate the requirement’s date.
C. Regenerative MRP planning will plan only those materials that have been subjected to an MRP change.
D. The suggested procurement quantity results from the lot-sizing procedure that is set in the material master.
Answer: A,D
Your organization is implementing the SAP ERP Procurement Cycle, to improve operational
efficiencies.Which of the following organizational levels are required to create a purchase order?(Choose three)
A. Plant
B. Purchasing organization
C. Storage location
D. Vendor
E. Purchasing group
300-101 pdf 
Answer: A,B,E
Logistic invoice verification, in SAP ERP, is the process whereby a vendor’s invoice is compared
to the goods receipt document and the purchase order. What business integration processes, within SAP ERP, occurs with the completion of logistic invoice verification?(Choose three)
A. The vendor master record is updated.
B. The provisions in the GR/IR clearing account are reversed.
C. The on-hand quantity in the material master is updated.
D. The purchase order history is updated.
E. An open item is created in the vendor’s account.
Answer: B,D,E
Within SAP ERP Procurement, the procurement process is completed by logistics invoice
verification.What happens when the invoice is posted in SAP ERP?
A. The payment is applied to the vendor’s account.
B. The standard price in the material master is recalculated.
C. An accounting document is generated which posts directly to the Accounts Payable
account within the general ledger.
D. The GR/IR account within the general ledger is debited.
300-101 vce 
Answer: D
In SAP ERP Program and Project Management, operative indicators define the characteristics of a work breakdown structure (WBS) element, and also what tasks will be performed by the WBS
element when the project is being executed. Which of the following are WBS element operative indicators?(Choose three)
A. Planning element
B. Account assignment element
C. Budgeting element
D. Billing element
E. Cost element
Answer: A,B,D
Your organization is implementing the Sales Order Management Business Process in SAP
ERP. The implementation team asks your advice on the assignment of the Sales Order Management organizational levels to other SAP ERP organizational levels. Which of the following statements correctly describe the assignment of Sales Order Management organizational levels in SAP ERP?(Choose three)
A. A plant can have many shipping points.
B. More than one distribution channel can be assigned to a sales organization.
C. A sales organization can be assigned to multiple company codes.
D. A plant can only be assigned to one sales organization.
E. A sales area can belong to only one company code.
Answer: A,B,E
In SAP ERP, Sales Order Management Process, a billing document is created. When a billing document is saved, in SAP ERP, what integration points occur?(Choose three)
A. The customer’s credit account is updated.
B. On hand inventory is decreased.
C. Actual demand is reduced.
D. An open item is posted on the customer’s account.
E. Revenue is increased.
300-101 exam 
Answer: A,D,E
In SAP ERP Sales Order Management, you have created and saved a sales order. You are now
reviewing the order’s schedule lines.Which of the following statements correctly describe schedule lines in SAP ERP?(Choose two)
A. Contains delivery quantities and delivery dates.
B. The same schedule line can belong to multiple sales line items.
C. Partial deliveries are represented by multiple schedule lines.
D. The schedule line determines if a sales line item is free of charge.
300-101 dumps 
Answer: A,C
The Sales Information System (SIS) in SAP ERP standard analyses provides extensive
functions to create sophisticated presentations and reporting for the data.
Within SIS, the data is stored using which of the following?
A. Information Providers
B. Information Work Areas
C. Information Cubes
D. Information Structures
Answer: D
QUESTION NO: 41 Select the method for updating table metadata that provides for the most control over updating features and can be run in batch.
A. Update Metadata option in Data Library Manager in SAS Management Console.
B. Update Library Metadata task in SAS Enterprise Guide.
C. Update Metadata option in SAS Data Integration Studio.
D. METALIB procedure using SAS code.
300-101 pdf Answer: D
QUESTION NO: 42. Which statement is FALSE? Updating table metadata enables you to:
A. add table metadata for tables that exist in the physical library but have no metadata in the repository.
B. update table definitions to match corresponding physical tables.
C. update table security settings at the metadata and operating system level.
D. delete metadata for table definitions that exist in the metadata repository but do not have a corresponding table in the physical library.
Answer: C
QUESTION NO: 43. A client wants to have their system set up so that stored processes can access libraries without having to manage library assignments in the stored process code. How should the libraries be assigned?
A. by default
B. by client application
C. by pre-assignment
D. by user access
300-101 vce Answer: C
QUESTION NO: 44. The METALIB procedure enables you to update table metadata. Which method does NOT provide access to the METALIB procedure?
A. SAS Management Console’s update metadata feature
B. SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer’s library management feature
C. SAS Data Integration Studio’s update table metadata feature
D. custom code using PROC METALIB.
Answer: B
QUESTION NO: 45. A host is using an LDAP provider as a back-end authentication mechanism. For this setup, how does the SAS server view the authentication?
A. integrated authentication
B. back-end authentication
C. internal authentication
D. host authentication
300-101 exam Answer: D
QUESTION NO: 46 .A platform administrator needs to delete metadata for table definitions with the following characteristics:
-the table definitions exist in the metadata repository

-the table definitions do not have a corresponding table in the physical library
After performing impact analysis, what action should the platform administrator take?
A. delete repository
B. delete physical library
C. delete the table’s metadata folder
D. update table metadata
Answer: D

The data center team requires that they be alerted if any of the servers in a remote site go down. However, they do NOT want to receive alerts when the remote site connection goes down. Which two configuration steps should you take within your network management system (NMS) to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. set up alerts on server status
B. set up alerts on the remote connection status
C. set each of the servers as dependencies for each other
D. set up the remote connection as a dependency for each of the servers
E. set up alerts on the remote router status
300-101 dumps 
Correct Answer: AD
What is an advantage of using SNMPv2c over using SNMPv1?
A. username parameter
B. get bulk command
C. get next command
D. 32 bit counters
E. authentication and encryption
Correct Answer: B
Which two variables are used in the calculation of Percent Utilization? (Choose two.)
A. configured bandwidth
B. packets per second
C. buffer overruns
D. interface discards
E. bits per second
300-101 pdf 
Correct Answer: AE
Due to a server crash, you had to move Orion to a new server with a new IP address. Which two changes should you make to ensure that Orion functions properly from the new server and IP address? (Choose two.)
A. update the access control lists (ACLs) that restrict management protocols
B. change the IP address specified in the snmpd. conf file on the Orion server
C. updates the source address for Net Flow packets exported to Orion
D. notify ARIN of the Orion server’s new IP address
E. update the destination IP address for Syslog and SNMP traps on your managed devices
Correct Answer: AE
You are monitoring your Internet connection, and your ISP has guaranteed512 Kbps. Historical data shows that your connection speed holds at 256 Kbps for long periods of time, but never exceeds this speed. What does this indicate?
A. the ISP has misconfigured the link.
B. the WAN router is misconfigured.

C. the NAT table is overloaded.
D. QoS is dropping low priority traffic.
300-101 vce 
Correct Answer: A
300-101 dumps

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