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Exam Code: 200-150
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking
Q&As: 91

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200-150 dumps

Following Cisco 200-150 Dumps 91QAs are all new published by Pass4itsure:

What is the maximum of fabric modules that can be installed in a Cisco Nexus 7000 chassis?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 4
D. 7
200-150 exam 
Correct Answer: A
An engineer is configuring a new MDS switch. The switch is powered on, the customer connects to the console, and the initial setup script is started. Which two items can be configured during this setup process?
A. default port-channel mode
B. default port VSAN membership
C. default switch port interface state
D. default zone mode
E. default storage VDC

Correct Answer: CD
200-150 dumps

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of network communication is depicted?
A. 802.3 frame
B. TCP frame
C. Ethernet packet
D. UDP packet
200-150 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
Which option describes what a switch does after it items that a host has connected to a switch port?
A. Flood the frame only on all of its trunk ports.
B. Create a MAC to port mapping entry in MAC table.
C. Flood the frame only on all of its access ports.
D. Discard the frame.
Correct Answer: C
What relationships are used to wire (i.e., fully interconnect) components together so that they are interoperable?
A. realization relationships and associations
B. associations and connectors
C. dependencies and connectors
D. dependencies, connectors, and realization relationships
200-150 pdf Answer: C
What may a profile NOT own?
A. metaclasses
B. stereotypes
C. new associations
D. associations that redefine existing associations
Answer: C
What does a circle with an X in it (as depicted in the exhibit) represent inside UML 2.0 activity diagrams?
A. flow final nodes
B. merges
C. decisions
D. activity final nodes
E. forks
F. initial nodes
G. joins
200-150 vce Answer: A

Assume !p denotes sending of p, ?p the reception of p. In the exhibit, what traces are valid?(Choose three)
A. <!p, ?p, !q, ?q>
B. <!p, ?p, !r, !r, ?r, ?r, !q, ?q>
C. <!p, !r, ?p, ?r, !r, !q, ?r, ?q>
D. <!p, !r, ?p, ?r, !r, ?r, !r, ?r, !q, ?q>
E. <!p, ?p, !r, ?r, !r, !q, ?r, ?q>
F. <!p, !r, ?p, ?r, !r, ?r, !r, ?q, !r, ?q>
Answer: A,B,D
What kind of class is the Device class?
A. Hardware
B. ExecutionEnvironment
C. Association
D. Installation
E. Node
200-150 exam Answer: E
A data transform rule can be called by
A. Data Transform
B. Decision Tree
C. Flow Action
D. Flow
E. Declare Expressions
F. Property
Answer: A, C, D
rule. (Choose
Which of the following is not true of the Data Table editor? (Choose One)
A. It is used to add, update, or delete instances of a concrete class
B. It enables developers to maintain instances of the class in the data table
C. It cannot maintain Value List properties
D. None of the above
200-150 dumps 
Answer: C
Which of the following is not a valid property mode? (Choose One)
A. Single Value
B. Page Item
C. Page List
D. Page Group
Answer: B
Each of the following properties are set by a pyDefault data transform rule in the indicated class.
.pxUrgencyWork = 5
.pyLabel = “Work item”
.pxUrgencyWork = 10
.pyLabel = “Work item”
.pxCreateOperator = “System Architect”
GLBX-FW-OnboardingFW-Work-Equipment Request
.pyLabel = “Work item”
Given the following inheritance diagram, if these data transforms are all superclassed,
which properties will have their values written to the clipboard? (Choose Three)
A. .pyLabel = “Work item” (Work-Object-)
B. .pxUrgencyWork = 10 (@baseclass)
C. .pyLabel = “Work item” (GLBX-FW-OnboardingFW-Work-EquipmentRequest)
D. .pxCreateOperator = “System Architect” (Work-)
E. .pyLabel = “Work item” (@baseclass)
F. .pxUrgencyWork = 5 (GLBX-FW-OnboardingFW-Work)
200-150 pdf 
Answer: C, D, F
A local list is defined for a property. Which control should be used to create a selection
list for this property? (Choose One)
A. PromptFieldValueLocalized
B. PromptSelect
C. GetLocalizedValue
D. SmartPrompt
E. DynamicSelect
Answer: B
When multiple pyDefault data transforms are applied in the creation of a new work object, how are duplicate values for the same property treated? (Choose One)

A. All property values are set, since a clipboard page can accept multiple values for the same single value property
B. The first instance of a property found in a data transform is used and not overridden
C. An exception is thrown
D. Property values are overridden each time a new instance of a property is found in a
subsequently applied data transform
200-150 vce 
Answer: D
Chaining allows you to use multiple data transforms to initialize property values for new work objects in an application. Which two actions should be taken to implement this feature? (Choose Two)
A. Make sure no properties are repeated in the data transforms to be used
B. Make sure all data transforms to be used are in the same RuleSet
C. Check the “Call superclass data transform” box in all data transforms that are to be used
D. Make sure all data transforms to be used have identical names
Answer: C, D
A decision needs to be made about whether to issue a health insurance policy based upon the properties Age, Gender, Smoker, Alcohol Use, and Preexisting Conditions. Each property is evaluated for each of ten conditions. Which two rule types are best to use? (Choose Two)
A. When
B. Map Value
C. Decision Tree
D. Decision Table
200-150 exam 
Answer: C, D
Review the following Decision Table:
If the credit score is 600 and the outstanding balance is 3000, which value will be returned? (Choose One)
A. ApproveLevel2

B. ApproveLevel1
C. Reject
D. No value
Answer: C

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