[2018 Jan. Latest] How Could you Prepare for Latest Cisco DCICN 640-911 Dumps CCNA Data Center Certification Exam Video Questions Answers 208Q&As

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640-911 dumps

Following Cisco 640-911 Dumps 208QAs are all new published by Pass4itsure(1-47)

Which two networking devices forward data based on destination MAC address? (Choose two.)
A. Repeater
B. Bridge
C. Switch
D. Router
E. Hub
640-911 exam Correct Answer: BC

Unlike IPv6, which feature is available only in IPv4?
A. broadcast
B. anycast
C. multicast
D. unicast
Correct Answer: A

Which two data center technologies are part of the IEEE 802.3 standard for Ethernet-based LANs? (Choose two.)
A. 40 Gb/s
B. 10 Gb/s
D. Smart Grid
640-911 dumps Correct Answer: AB

Which three IP addresses are examples of an RFC 1918 address? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: ADE

What two statements about functions within the OSI layer model are true? (Choose two.)
A. data at Layer 3 is referred to as a Frame
B. routing function happen at Layer 3
C. network layer is responsible for assigning a MAC address to NIC
D. ARP is a Layer 2 protocol
E. encryption of data happens at the Transport Layer
640-911 pdf Correct Answer: BD

Which type of dependency used in the Sequence Activities process is sometimes referred to as preferred logic, preferential logic, or soft logic?
A. Internal
B. External
C. Discretionary
D. Mandatory
Correct Answer: C

When the business objectives of an organization change, project goals need to be:
A. realigned.
B. performed.
C. improved.
D. controlled.
640-911 vce Correct Answer: A

Which of the Perform Quality Assurance tools and techniques may enhance the creation of the work breakdown structure (VVBS) to give structure to the decomposition of the scope?
A. Activity network diagrams
B. Affinity diagrams
C. Matrix diagrams
D. Interrelationship digraphs
640-911 exam Correct Answer: B

A project manager who communicates to the project team though email is using which type of
A. Formal
B. Informal r
C. Horizontal
D. Unofficial
Correct Answer: B

An input to the Perform Integrated Change Control process is:
A. expert judgment
B. seller proposals
C. the project charter
D. the project management plan
640-911 dumps Correct Answer: D

Which tool or technique is required in order to determine the project budget?
A. Cost of quality
B. Historical relationships
C. Project management software
D. Forecasting
Correct Answer: B

Requirements documentation will typically contain at least:
A. Stakeholder requirements, staffing requirements, and transition requirements.
B. Business requirements, the stakeholder register, and functional requirements.
C. Stakeholder impact, budget requirements, and communications requirements.
D. Business objectives, stakeholder impact, and functional requirements.
Correct Answer: D

Which process involves the creation of a document that provides the project manager with the authority to apply resources to a project?
A. Define Activities
B. Direct and Manage Project Work
C. Develop Project Management Plan
D. Develop Project Charter
640-911 pdf Correct Answer: D

The stakeholder register is an output of:
A. Identify Stakeholders.
B. Plan Stakeholder Management.
C. Control Stakeholder Engagement.
D. Manage Stakeholder Engagement.
Correct Answer: A

An output of the Develop Project Team process is:
A. change requests
B. team performance assessments
C. project staff assignments
D. project documents updates
640-911 vce Correct Answer: B

Managing ongoing production of goods and services to ensure business continues efficiently describes
which type of management?
A. Portfolio
B. Project

C. Program
D. Operations
640-911 exam Correct Answer: D

Which type of manager is assigned by the performing organization to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives?
A. Program
B. Functional
C. Project
D. Portfolio
Correct Answer: C

The approaches, tools, and data sources that will be used to perform risk management on a project are determined by the:
A. Methodology
B. Risk category
C. Risk attitude
D. Assumption analysis
640-911 dumps Correct Answer: A

An input of the Plan Procurement Management process is:
A. Make-or-buy decisions.
B. Activity cost estimates.
C. Seller proposals.
D. Procurement documents.
Correct Answer: B

Outputs of the Control Communications process include:
A. expert judgment and change requests
B. work performance information and change requests
C. project management plan updates and work performance information
D. issue logs and organizational process assets updates
Correct Answer: B

Which organizational process assets update is performed during the Close Procurements process?
A. Procurement audit
B. Lessons learned
C. Performance reporting
D. Payment requests
640-911 pdf Correct Answer: B

The individual or group that provides resources and support for a project and is accountable for success is
A. sponsor
B. customer
C. business partners
D. functional managers
Correct Answer: A

A measure of cost performance that is required to be achieved with the remaining resources in order to meet a specified management goal and is expressed as the ratio of the cost needed for finishing the outstanding work to the remaining budget is known as the:
A. budget at completion (BAC)
B. earned value management (EVM)
C. to-complete performance index
D. cost performance index
640-911 vce Correct Answer: C

A collection of projects managed as a group to achieve strategic objectives is referred to as a:
A. plan
B. process
C. program
D. portfolio
640-911 exam Correct Answer: D

Sharing good practices introduced or implemented in similar projects in the organization and/or industry is
an example of:
A. quality audits
B. process analysis
C. statistical sampling
D. benchmarking
Correct Answer: A

Which Process Group’s purpose is to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project; identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required; and initiate the corresponding changes?
A. Monitoring and Controlling
B. Initiating
C. Planning
D. Executing
640-911 dumps Correct Answer: A

The formal and informal interaction with others in an organization industry, or professional environment is
known as:
A. negotiation
B. organizational theory
C. meeting
D. networking
Correct Answer: D

Which process is included in the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area?
A. Manage Project Team
B. Collect Requirements
C. Sequence Activities
D. Direct and Manage Project Work
Correct Answer: D

The process of identifying and documenting the specific actions to be performed to produce the project deliverables is known as:
A. Define Activities.
B. Sequence Activities.
C. Define Scope.
D. Control Schedule.
640-911 pdf Correct Answer: A

Which document includes the project scope, major deliverables, assumptions, and constraints?
A. Project charter
B. Project scope statement
C. Scope management plan
D. Project document updates
Correct Answer: B

When an activity cannot be estimated with a reasonable degree of confidence, the work within the activity is decomposed into more detail using which type of estimating?
A. Bottom-up
B. Parametric
C. Analogous
D. Three-point
640-911 vce Correct Answer: A

Definitions of probability and impact, revised stakeholder tolerances, and tracking are components of which subsidiary plan?
A. Cost management plan
B. Quality management plan

C. Communications management plan
D. Risk management plan
640-911 exam Correct Answer: D

Project or phase closure guidelines or requirements, historical information, and the lessons learned
knowledge base are examples of which input to the Close Project or Phase process?
A. Organizational process assets
B. A work breakdown structure
C. The project management plan
D. Enterprise environmental factors
Correct Answer: A

The project manager notes that stakeholders are aware of the project and potential impacts and are actively engaged in ensuring that the project is a success. The engagement level of the stakeholders should be classified as:
A. Supportive
B. Leading
C. Neutral
D. Resistant
640-911 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is a narrative description of products, services, or results to be delivered by a
A. Project statement of work
B. Business case
C. Accepted deliverable
D. Work performance information
Correct Answer: A

A project manager seeking insight on previous stakeholder management plans and their effectiveness should evaluate:
A. Historical information and the lessons-learned database.
B. Historical information and the stakeholder register.
C. Organizational process assets and the lessons-learned database.
D. Project documents and historical information.
Correct Answer: A

Projects are undertaken by an organization to support the:
A. Product performance.
B. Budget process.
C. Collective capabilities.
D. Organizational strategy.

640-911 pdf Correct Answer: D

What is the probability of occurrence if the risk rating is 0.56 and the impact if the risk does occur is very high (0.80)?
A. 0.45
B. 0.56
C. 0.70
D. 1.36
Correct Answer: C

Which of the seven basic quality tools is especially useful for gathering attributes data while performing inspections to identify defects?
A. Histograms
B. Scatter diagrams
C. Flowcharts
D. Checksheets
640-911 vce Correct Answer: D

The most commonly used type of precedence relationship in the precedence diagramming method (PDM) is:
A. start-to-start (SS)
B. start-to-finish (SF)
C. finish-to-start (FS)
D. finish-to-finish (FF)
640-911 exam Correct Answer: C

Work performance information and cost forecasts are outputs of which Project Cost Management process?
A. Estimate Costs
B. Plan Cost Management
C. Determine Budget
D. Control Costs
Correct Answer: D

Which technique should a project manager use in a situation in which a collaborative approach to conflict management is not possible?
A. Coaching
B. Avoidance
C. Consensus
D. Influencing
640-911 dumps Correct Answer: B

The procurement process that documents agreements and related documentation for future reference is  known as:
A. Plan Procurements.
B. Control Procurements.
C. Close Procurements.
D. Conduct Procurements.
Correct Answer: C

The links between the processes in the Process Groups are often:
A. Intuitive
B. Iterative
C. Measured
D. Monitored
Correct Answer: B

The scope of a project cannot be defined without some basic understanding of how to create the specified:
A. objectives
B. schedule
C. product
D. approach
640-911 pdf Correct Answer: C

The creation of an internet site to engage stakeholders on a project is an example of which type of communication?
A. Push
B. Pull
C. Interactive
D. Iterative
Correct Answer: B

Which component of the human resource management plan describes when and how project team members are acquired and how long they will be needed?
A. Resource breakdown structure
B. Staffing management plan
C. Project organizational chart
D. Scope management plan
640-911 vce  Correct Answer: B

640-911 dumps

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