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Following CompTIA 220-802 Dumps 993QAs are all new published by Pass4itsure(1-30)

Ann recently upgraded a computer from Windows XP to Windows 7, but one of her applications does not work now. Which of the following should be done FIRST?
A. Set the application to run in XP compatibility mode
B. Reinstall Windows XP
C. Configure a dual boot with XP and 7
D. Install the application in XP mode
220-802 exam Correct Answer: A

A technician is installing a new operating system. The company policy requires that the file system used must support file permissions and security. Which of the following should the technician use to BEST meet the company needs?
C. FAT32
Correct Answer: A

A technician is trying to request a new IP address to a customer\’s computer through the command prompt. Which of the following commands should the technician use?
A. ipconfig /flushdns
B. ipconfig /renew
C. ipconfig /all
D. ipconfig /release
220-802 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is the default location for the User profiles folder in Windows 7?
A. C:\Users
B. C:\Program Files (x86)
C. C:\Documents and Settings\
D. C:\Windows\system32
Correct Answer: A

A technician receives a report that the pages coming out of a laser printer are smearing when touched. Which of the following components should the technician check FIRST to resolve this issue?
A. Drum
B. Fuser
C. Pickup roller
D. Corona wire
220-802 pdf Correct Answer: B

A technician wants to create a new logical volume on a machine. Which of the following Windows 7 utilities will allow a technician to perform this action?
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following commands should Karen, a technician, use to examine and restore protected system files?
220-802 vce Correct Answer: A

A technician recently replaced a user\’s monitor and now the user is reporting that the screen is filled with static and appears distorted. Which of the following will resolve the issue?
A. Lower refresh rate
B. Lower the resolution
C. Raise the resolution
D. Increase refresh rate
Correct Answer: A

The computer starts up and runs for less than a minute before shutting down or locking up. This is a symptom of:
A. Overheating.
B. Incompatible RAM.
C. A faulty hard drive.
D. A bad internal USB hub.
220-802 exam Correct Answer: A

After an installation of a video adapter, the screen on a Windows 7 system cannot be seen. Which of the following Windows 7 functions will resolve this?
A. Component Management
B. Startup Repair
C. Device Manager
D. Task Manager
Correct Answer: B

Administrative share names are MOST commonly designated by which of the following symbols?
A. !
B. $
C. :
D. *
220-802 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for a low wireless signal?
A. The distance from the access point
B. Incompatible wireless hardware
C. The access point is bridged
D. Channel conflict in the access point
Correct Answer: A

A customer says they cannot access the network printer. The technician cannot PING the printer from their location. Which of the following should be the NEXT step in troubleshooting this issue?
A. Check the toner cartridge
B. Reboot client PC
C. Check the link lights on printer NIC
D. Reboot the printer
220-802 pdf Correct Answer: C

A technician discovers slow data transfer speeds in a wired network. Which of the following would be the MOST
probable cause?
A. Using APIPA address
B. Outdated NIC drivers
C. Too many simultaneous connections
D. CAT5 cable connection
Correct Answer: B

Drag and drop the following Windows Versions to the correct feature on which they are found. Windows Versions may be used more than once.
Select and Place:
220-802 dumps
Select and Place:
220-802 vce Correct Answer:
220-802 dumps
220-802 dumps
When a user tries to print, the OS slows down and appears to lock up. Shutting down the Print Spooler Service restores the computer\’s speed, but leaves the user unable to print. Which of the following should be used FIRST to troubleshoot this problem?
A. Rebuild print spooler files
B. Hardware diagnostic software
C. Event viewer
D. Antivirus software
220-802 exam Correct Answer: C

Which of the following will help limit unauthorized access to a mobile device?
A. Remote wipes
B. Screen locks
C. Geotracking
D. Antivirus software
Correct Answer: B

After accidentally removing a hard drive from a server with three drives in a RAID 5 configuration, a technician notices the server locks up and shuts down. Which of the following can the technician do to quickly fix the problem?
A. Replace the RAID controller and boot.
B. Reinsert the drive and boot.
C. Plug the drive back in, the system will resume automatically.
D. Remove all drives and rebuild the array.
220-802 dumps Correct Answer: B

A user regularly calls and states that they have a computer with possibly corrupt system files and wants to know how to repair them. Which of the following utilities would resolve the problem?
Correct Answer: C

A user states that they see a warning on their screen about an IP conflict. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
A. A static IP address is assigned to the workstation
B. A bad router
C. A bad switch
D. The computer is getting an APIPA address
220-802 pdf Correct Answer: A

A company would like to prevent commonly known social engineering risks. Which of the following would help mitigate these risks?
A. Annual security training
B. Install new switches
C. Review security policies
D. Require 180 day password expiration
Correct Answer: A

A user has asked for a recommendation for a strong password. Which of the following passwords is the STRONGEST?
A. password!
B. Pa$sw0rd
C. pa$4w0rd
D. thisismypsswrd1
220-802 vce Correct Answer: B

When walking past a server with a RAID 5 array, a technician hears a loud clicking noise. Which of the following could MOST likely occur?
B. OS not found on boot
C. Hard drive failure
D. RAID array failure
Correct Answer: C

After replacing a motherboard on a customer\’s laptop for a no sound issue, a technician realizes that there is intermittent wireless connectivity on the laptop. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST?
A. Reinstall the driver of the WiFi card.
B. Check to see if there is a wireless switch on the laptop and its current position.
C. Replace the wireless card because it is not fully compatible with the new motherboard.
D. Check if the WiFi antenna is connected properly to the wireless card.
220-802 exam Correct Answer: D

Which of the following resources is MOST important for accessing remote virtual environments on a client machine?
A. Network speed
B. CPU speed
C. High speed memory
D. Drive space
Correct Answer: A

A technician is changing out a toner cartridge in a high volume printer. As they are removing the empty cyan cartridge, a large amount of blue powder falls out onto rollers in the immediate area. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?
A. Immediately leave the scene and sound an emergency to security.
B. Use a toner vacuum to remove the spilled toner from the undesired surfaces.
C. Use compressed air to remove the spilled toner from the undesired surfaces.
D. Use the maintenance kit to remove and replace the affected parts.
220-802 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which of the following steps would allow display output from a laptop to an external display? (Select TWO).
A. Press the appropriate Function Key combination
B. A second video card in the Express card slot
C. Disconnect the integrated display
D. Enabling second monitor in the Windows Display Settings
E. Loading external monitor drivers on the laptop
Correct Answer: AD

If a customer wants to create a multi-boot PC with different editions of Windows, which of the following is MOST
important to consider?
A. Using multiple partitions
B. Using multiple hard drives
C. Using a single partition
D. Using a PXE boot scheme
220-802 pdf Correct Answer: A

After being infected with a virus, a user\’s computer does not recognize the user as having local administrator rights to the computer. After troubleshooting the issue, a technician determines the computer needs to be rebuilt and data needs to be restored from the user\’s backup. Which of the following tools would BEST reset the computer to how it worked when first purchased?
A. Recovery Console
B. Factory restore CD
C. Anti-malware software
D. System Restore
Correct Answer: B

A customer calls a technician frequently for the same problem. Which of the following troubleshooting steps MUST the technician perform NEXT to attempt to permanently solve this issue?
A. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.
B. Document findings, actions, and outcomes.
C. Verify full system functionality and implement preventive measures.
D. Identify the problem or symptoms.
220-802 vce Correct Answer: C

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